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Why Use Silver Communications?

Silver Communications is your Advocate!

Carrier Direct Reps do not always act in your best interest. They are compensated by the amount you spend (and continue to spend) on your business telephone service, Internet service and networking services like MPLS and SIP.

Silver Communications looks for ways to save you money and utilize your services more effectively. We work with the carriers on your behalf to make sure you get the products and services you need for your business and to align you with the right provider(s) for your needs.

Silver Communications has experience with multiple providers!

Maybe you are considering a carrier like Cbeyond, Enventis or Integra for your service due to attractive pricing for a T1 or PRI, but you’re unclear about the Carrier Direct Reps involvement in the delivery process and communication. Silver Communications has experience with the carriers we represent from an operations and support perspective (not just sales) to help you with your decision and to guide you in your choice. Silver Communications also has the ability to escalate issues on your behalf based on these relationships with the providers we sell.

Silver Communications will provide you with independent information!

A Carrier Rep who works for a specific carrier is unlikely to point out limitations in their service or support. Since Silver Communications represents multiple providers, we don’t have a bias for one provider over another and will disclose information about a certain company’s limitations so you can make fully informed decisions.

Silver Communications will provide you with more visibility!

Some carriers allow agents to channel integrate with direct reps. This puts Silver Communications in all the meetings related to your account, offering a level of visibility you would not receive if you dealt directly with the carrier’s account team.

Silver Communications saves you time and frees up your staff!

Instead of having your staff members meet with multiple reps from multiple providers, let Silver Communications shop your services for you. Silver Communications represents multiple providers; we can inventory your existing business phone lines and Internet services and conduct audits. We know what questions to ask and what to look out for.