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Why SilverComm?

Why use SilverComm when you move to a new location?

When moving a business to a new location, there are many technology items to address to ensure the facility is ready from a connectivity and security standpoint. These include:

  • Finding what phone/internet service is available.
  • Finding and selecting a new phone system
  • Having the right solution for your new conference/huddle/board rooms for connectivity
  • Designing and selecting the correct alarm, card access, and/or security camera system for the new facility
  • Determining WiFi needs in the new space and possibly understanding IT security needs.
  • Having someone provide all the infrastructure cabling and connectivity to make it all work!

At SilverComm, we have built our company to address these needs for businesses. We provide the resources and expertise to help businesses design the best solutions and select the right providers for their needs and then use our own experienced professionals to install all equipment to the highest standards for a premier customer experience.


What makes SilverComm different?


  1. We have an elite network of partners

We have partnered with some of the best companies in each respective specialty to provide premier services to our clients. As a technology company, we have chosen not to try and be a one size fits all services type of business. Instead we work with experts in the specialties of alarm systems, security camera systems, phone systems, phone and internet services, and managed IT systems.

  1. We help consolidate and ensure proper integration of multiple systems

Need your phone system to work with your A/V solution? How about understanding the requirements of HIPPA with your WiFi network and internet provider? At SilverComm, we understand how all technology systems can and need to integrate with each other and our partners know how to “play nice” with each other to achieve goals and maintain high customer satisfaction.

  1. One point of contact for all of your technology needs

Why work with up to 10 different vendors and must manage all of them when you move? It is very time consuming and resource intensive to coordinate the installation of your phone and internet service (along with understanding what is available) with the installation of your phone system. Then there is the coordination of your low voltage contractor with your alarm company and general contractor. At SilverComm, we provide you with a single point of contact who will manage the complete project for installation of all of your technology services acquired via SilverComm.

  1. No Project Management / Consulting Fees!!!

Speaking of Project Management, SilverComm does not charge for any of our consulting or project management services. When you work with SilverComm, you are never “on the clock” when working to determine the correct solution or just have questions or guidance. We pride ourselves on being very clear on all installation charges before they happen, so you can understand, and budget as needed for your move.

  1. We have all “in-house” technicians

SilverComm is authorized to install all services and equipment with the partners we represent. What this means for our customers is that we can consolidate installation services and lower the costs associated with them. It also streamlines the integration success of multiple systems and continues with our “single point of contact” philosophy for our clients.